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Complete NFT Search Engine

Hebys®️ is a powerful search engine and real-time tracker of all on-chain and off-chain NFT assets on multiple blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse.

Hebys®️ powers the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly discover, create and trade NFT assets across the whole ecosystem.


With powerful features provided by HEBYS

Unlock the full potential of NFTs and Metaverse

NFT ecosystem itself is a complicated space. So we’re providing a multi-chain structure containing all major blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse, allowing users to get a passive income, browse and discover digital assets across the whole ecosystem and all will be available on-the-go!


Lower-fee multi-chain capabilities powered by Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC and other major blockchains

Inter-chain Browsing Ability

You can search for NFTs all around Web 3.0 with powerful search features

Passive Income

The more you hold HEBYS tokens, the more you get! Hodl for more and get a passive income


With Hebys Mobile App, get to know the latest hot collections, browse and create new NFTs on the go.

HEBYS is our native token to unlock powerful features!

With HEBYS token, you can access to special features, stake and farm NFTs and get more of it by just hodling it!

  • Utility
  • Governance
  • Marketplace Mining
  • Staking Reward (Passive Income)
  • Medium of Exchange


Q2 2021

  • Concept Design
  • Team Formation
  • Platform Architecture
  • Market Research
  • Financial Modelling
  • Whitepaper
  • Web Site

Q3 2021

  • Partnerships & Collaboration
  • Community Building
  • Technical Infrastructure Development
  • Ledger-based NFT Search Development for Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom networks

Q4 2021

  • Search Engine Launch on Test Environment
  • Marketplace Launch on Test Environment
  • Wallet Integrations
  • Multi-chain support
  • Smart Contracts

Q1 2022

  • Private Round
  • TGE-Token Generation Event
  • IDO
  • Audit
  • Search Engine & Marketplace Launch on Mainnet (Alpha)
  • UI & UX Finalization

Q2 2022

  • Search-to-Earn
  • Marketplace Liq. Mining
  • Staking
  • Multi-currency & Fiat Payment Flows
  • Mobile App
  • Governance Portal

Our Team

El Aliwat


Mustafa is leading the Hebys with his experience over 7 years in blockchain and banking, 20+ years in Project Management overall. Co-founder at iCredible, a leading blockchain, DLT and banking technology provider, most known for developing the end-to-end blockchain solution for BIST-Istanbul Stock Exchange. Mustafa has a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA from the most reputable universities in Turkey, Bogazici University.



Jason is leading the overall technology architecture and strategies of Hebys. He is a serial entrepreneur and technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in envisioning and building innovative solutions and products. He led cross-functional teams of up to 300 including engineering, R&D product, application development, network engineering, QC, sales, and more. He is a skilled storyteller and public speaker who frequently speaks in keynotes technology conferences and entrepreneurial events.



Murat is leading the overall financial strategies and operations of Hebys. He is a serial entrepreneur and financial executive with more than 20 years of experience in supporting high-growth organizations and commercializing advanced technologies both within the US and internationally. Murat has served as chief financial executive for numerous organizations leading their overall financial strategies and operations and played an instrumental role in supporting these companies through periods of significant growth and capital raises.


Marketing Director

Marketing & Partnerships

Anil is leading the marketing and communications strategies. Formerly one of the Co-Founders of Creaore Creative Solutions, a leading Innovative Advertising Agency, Anıl is an awarded entrepreneur, currently an investor and on-demand consultant for companies looking for a deep know-how in advertising and marketing.


Business Development Director

Gokcen is leading Hebys’ Business Development and Community . Currently co-founder of an International Translation & Content service provider, Gokcen has over 10 years of experience in business development and digital-marketing. Also as a crypto-investor and an art enthusiast.



CEO & Founder of vEmpire DDAO, Worlds largest decentralised Metaverse investor

Bringing blockchain technology back to its routes in the pursuit of full decentralisation.


Chief Growth Officer

Baris has a BS in Labor Economics, Capital Markets and Securities. He has been trading crypto-currencies professionally since 2017. In 2020, he established Evox Agency and Consultancy company and started to provide services on marketing and operations on blockchain space. In December 2021, he co-founded a fund called Evox Capital to provide capital and other means to promising projects in the crypto ecosystem. Besides his role as Co-founder for Evox Companies, he acts as Chief Gro​w​th Manager for Hebys NFT Marketplace and Search Engine.


Board Member

As a computer engineer, Ali joined the cryptocurrency industry in 2014. In 2020, as the co-founder of Evox Agency and Consulting, he started to provide professional consultancy services to the crypto exchanges and help run their operations in Turkey. In December 2021, he co-founded Evox Capital and began to provide capital to new crypto projects, and supported operational and advertising processes.


Board Member

Emre has a Ph.D(c) in Development Economics and Local Systems program from University of Trento, Italy. During his Post-Master’s internship at VERBI Soft, Berlin in 2017, he met with Bitcoin and got interested in the cryptocurrency industry. Later, he left his doctoral studies to focus on blockchain and founded Blocknity. An avid researcher and executive in blockchain, metaverse, and data analytics, Emre also acts as the Chief Growth Officer in Evox Dev and is a board member at HEBYS.



Andrea is advising the marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall branding and image. As a professional marketer experienced in social media advertising strategies, mixed-media content creation and commercial photographer, she has worked with big-name brands such as Montblanc, Nautica, and Aeroméxico.


Board Member

Bahadir is a Board Member of Hebys advising on business strategies. He is an accomplished executive in payments industry with domestic and international experience for over 20 years; in operations, P&L oversight, multichannel product distribution and marketing involving both start up and growth organizations.


Board Member

Dennis is a Board Member of Hebys advising Hebys on technical and legal strategies. He is currently leading a project with a patented intellectual property focusing on AI driven Analytic Platform.
Dennis is an expert on high growth tech start-ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more?

First of its kind in the World, Hebys is a robust and comprehensive NFT search engine with multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities, marketplace-agnostic browsing and AI features.

Hebys is like “Google Search” but for NFTs, like “Amazon” for sorting/filtering/ranking within the field and like "Palantir" for dynamic/real-time tracking and data analytics.

It is an aggregator and real-time tracker of all NFT assets on all major blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse whether on-chain or off-chain and powers the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, trade and leverage NFT assets across the whole ecosystem.

Using Hebys, anyone can easily gain access to NFT market to unlock the full potential of what NFT ecosystem offers.

HEBYS token is the platform's native currency containing utility and governance features. Total supply of token is fixed at 1000,000,000. HEBYS will be issued and distributed as an ERC20 token at the IDO and will further be developed for multi-chain.
HEBYS token Public Round, IDO and IEO round will be announced on our social channels.
You could contact us @ our official Telegram, Twitter and send an e-mail to info@hebys.io

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